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FREE to all  individuals. PicaroSoft brings you the only mobile anti-corruption platform in the market.
• SMS solution
Mobile phone solution
• IVR Solution

FREE to all individuals.

Government, Institutional, NGO's, Education, Corporate and other solutions.

The leader in mobile anti-corruption software.

• Patent Pending,
• Secure, fast and anonymous

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info at picarosoft.com

PicaroSoft is the leader in mobile anti-corruption software. We provide- for FREE - mobile anti-corruptions software applications that make it easy, secure and anonymous for individuals to report corruption and dishonest acts. We then report the information to journalists, newspapers, television and other interested parties.We also provide complete solutions to governments interested in reducing corrupton, governments interested in making sure elections are run honestly, institutions and companies who wish to stamp out inefficiencies and corruption, schools who wish to maintain honest students and non-profits who wish to make sure the money, food or medicine they are donating is being used as intended. In short, we make the world a better place by "Doing Good™".

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